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Thread: trailer rims

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    I'm looking for 2 trailer rims. 14's Anyone have anything they want to sale? I have 2 but would like 2 others to match. There the ones with the holes all all round the rim. If you have something I can send you a pic of what I'm looking for. I know its a long shot but thanks.... if you have 4 nice rims I can trade you a very nice security camera.....

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    what bolt pattern you looking for? ive got some 14 aluminum wheels. ill go check the 5 lug spacing. just checked and these are 5on 4-3/4. most trailers are 5 on 4.5 probably not what you need, sorry.

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    Party Cat
    I've got 4 14x6's ...I can take a pic tonight if you're interested I'm pretty sure they're 5 on 4.5's

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    This sounds stupid how can I tell what lug pattern it is???

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