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Thread: What kind of boat is this?

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    A friend of mine wants to know.
    By the name on the side, I'd say it is a "Jaugarundi" but I've never heard of that before. Anybody know?

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    Xlration Marine
    AIRE JaguarundiMnfr: AIRE
    Model: The "Jag"
    Length: 16'
    Width: 7'4"
    Tube Diam: 24.5"
    Weight: 84 lbs
    Load Capacity: 1500 lbs
    Waterline: 9'6"
    Air Chambers: 2 per tube
    Bow/Stern Rise: 30"
    Material: PVC
    Denier: 1670
    Self Bailer: Yes
    Color/s: Red, Blue,
    Yellow, Purple,
    Dark Green
    Warranty: 10 Year
    Price: $1,899
    Like the Ocelot above, this one has also been reconfigured with a bit more lift on the ends and an increase of 1/2" diameter to make up for the slightly decreased waterline. If you want to carry bigger loads or will often have two or even three passengers, the 16' Jaguarundi may be the ticket. This cataraft offers the nimble handling of a single-tube cataraft combined with a 3/4 ton payload capacity, and it can utilize a two foot longer frame than the Ocelot. It can also get surfed when it's underloaded like the Ocelot, so this would be a poor choice for day trips with only a cooler if that's all you generally do. Great for longer runs with the proper frame and / or decking. We have a number of customers who use these on California rivers even though the standard raft size of choice is more like 13' to 14' here. The short waterline lets the Jag pivot easily and the very shallow draft allows it to glide over low flow rock gardens that smaller rafts or cats would grind to halt on. Again, frame chafers and new improved handles are now standard.
    That would be the pontoons on top of the fly bridge. See them on top??

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    Looks like it might be a Glacer Bay...

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    Anybody else have any ideas?

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    Hm. My last reply didn't return this topic to the first page. Try again...

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