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Thread: Landing on a aircraft carrier

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    When i was stationed on the USS Enterprise and USS Abraham Lincoln I would always go up and watch the flight deck activities during my off time.
    Here is a good video of a jet landing on a carrier.

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    Sleeper CP
    Great vid... Thanks. I can only imagine the feeling they get doing that. It gives me a thrill just watching it from their side.
    Sleeper CP
    565" Ford Lover

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    I worked the catapult when they were lanching and recovering our birds.
    The Coral Sea and Ranger.

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    Tom Brown
    Great video.

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    Thats awesome

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    very kool

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    Hey we got some ex-sailors on board. Cool.
    I'm taking my dad to the USS Midway museum in San Diego for Labor Day. He was stationed on the Midway when I 5 y/o. So it will be cool to see him cross the quarter deck 35 years later and take a picture of him with the OOD. Plus to see where he slept and worked. Then take a drive to 32nd street and see how's it's changed in all these years. I can't wait.

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    Assume The Position
    I was stationed on the USS Midway 1986-1988. I've been to the Midway museum twice so far. It brings back alot of memories.

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    Phat Matt
    My Gramps was on this bucket.
    He has always got his USS Torsk hat on. He was on it in '45 and '46.

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    Our son is a pilot with the World Famous Golden Dragons VFA 192. This is a recent video taken aboard the USS Kitty Hawk.
    I think that this video is in concert with the ***boat culture.

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