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Thread: Verizon GZ-One phone?????

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    I am looking at getting a GZ-One. They call it a "G-shock" phone, though it is no relationship to casio.
    I need something more durable to carry in the boat, on trips, in the Rhino etc... I will forward my existing number to it when out and about.
    Anyone have one? I can live without the Bluetooth for this phone, though I don't like that it doesn't have it at all...
    More importantly, any of you have one that you don't like? I may be interested in a used one. I really would like to not pay full price.
    Any input would be appreciated.

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    River Lynchmob
    I don't have one but maybe try Ebay.

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    I don't have one but maybe try Ebay.
    Only one on there... feeding frenzy on a brand new phone...

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    The newer version (G'Zone Type S) has bluetooth capability and is a slightly smaller. The original version did not have BT. Click the link for more details.

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    Baja Big Dog
    More than one disappointed customer...1/2 mp camera???
    gzone type s/severe disappointment
    by wizzard
    Its not my style to bash, But truely this phone lacks. I'm an industry veteran and my strong faith in verizon's LG and Samsung models comes from my carreer in cellular networks. they make better prodcts for CDMA. Still, I was interested in the original gZone type v and when my second 8300 died, I jumped. My closest store location assured he had them in stock. turns out all he has are the new ones, the type-s. I knew it launched june 1 but the dude sweared he could activate it for me. I knew the network would allow it so I bought the phone. I got him in trouble the next day when I returned the phone to his manager. Oh well. He was clear he wanted to sell it to me. So, the night I got the Type-s, I programmed everything right away and dove into the toys. The pictures are aweful, akin to the original camera phones 5 years ago. The net is slow and phonescoop is wrong about EVDO. this phone is 1X only. confirmed on and on their internal literature. The keypad light is so dim is it worthless. I had to turn on my car's maplights to find the navigation keys. The voice quality was fair but I dropped 1 call on my way home but wrote it off as a fluke. Then I dropped 3 more calls standing in my driveway. The next day I couldnt even get it to connect. My 8300 worked in my basement! I couldnt take it, so I left the house early and xchanged the phone for a sammy u540. im stoked with it. I also have a U620 mobile tv phone on a different line and thats even better, with or without tv. So let me sum up:
    ~you can submerge it. wow
    ~its rugged design
    ~it didnt blow up
    Poor signal sensitivity (dropped calls)
    key light a joke
    awkward keypad layout (looks great, difficult to use)
    aweful pictures, and I mean bad
    slow menu
    slow software response time
    no evdo (some people care, some dont. I now do)
    text messages took forever to send.
    expensive for such a basic phone
    did I mention it dropped 4 calls in 12 hours?
    best wishes
    ~tha wizz

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    Unlike the review in the previous post, I love my Gz One. I am a farmer and am on a tractor, quad, mule,... all day. I live and work around dirt, dust and water. Ive dropped it in the water a couple of times already. I haven't had any dropped calls, and text mes. is actualy fairly fast.

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    I have yet to see any cell phone on the market that does not get bad reviews by at least a few people. Consumers will always find somthing to complain about. I have plenty of business customers who are very happy with the G'Zone Type S. Is it perfect? Definitely not. But takes a licking and keeps on ticking. For the right customer this phone is an excellent choice.

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    Thanks for the replies... I am well aware of the GZ's strengths and weaknessess. The strengths are why I want one, the weaknessess are why I will still have my 6700 until it gets superceded by the new PDA phone.
    I am pretty hard on my phone on trips and in the shop. I would like to be able to forward my calls to the G phone in those situations. Same thing on weekends when bike riding, beach bar hopping, boating, Rhino trips etc... I am always paranoid about hurting my PDA, so often times I don't even bring it, and it is not covered under the protection plan if you break the screen or get it wet... the two things I can almost guarantee will be the demise of the phone if I brought it.
    Thanks for the info...

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