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Thread: What a waste of time

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    So I've spent all week in workshops on sexual harassment, ethics training, handling disruptive individuals, people with disabilities, and tolerating diversity for my teaching position at the University. Talk about a freakin' waste of time. I did get caught up on some sleep though. I mean seriously, do they have to tell you not to be an idiot? Where the hell have common sense and courtesy gone? A handful of jackasses ruin everything for everyone else. I know they're just covering their ass, but come on! Give me a little credit.
    Ok, I feel better now.

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    Phat Matt
    Was the speaker hot? Did you grab her ass?

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    You obviously slept right threw the sensitivity training.

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    During the sexual harassment workshop, I walked in and sat down next to the hottest blonde I could see...should have seen the rock on her finger. Go figure.

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    You weren't required to go to those workshops so you could become more "sensitive". You were required to go to those workshops so the company (Agency, whatever) could protect their asses in case someone harasses someone else.
    By requiring everyone to attend, they are shielded from any lawsuits when some horn dog grabs Suzy Secretary's ass in the supply closet.

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    River Lynchmob
    We just had to go through the same thing and every supervisor, foreman and company officer has to do it every two years. There was a crazy statistic like 90% of people who have not had these clases will be found guilty if sued and like 40% will be found guilty if you have taken the class. My opinion a total waste of time and money to anyone with half a brain and a wee bit of common sense.

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