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    Does anybody know of a way to get a vin verification done any faster then going through the CHP like the DMV wants me to do. I had to make a appointment with the CHP for about 2 weeks out and have my bike sold now.

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    Many PD's will verify it. Just call.

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    I had a mobil service come to my place in Hesperia a couple years ago, well worth the money, since I didnt have the door sticker in a '70 Camaro and she 'looked the other way" an wrote me good instead of making me do the CHP thang. Check the Yellow pages for mobil DMV services

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    Call your local P.D. It's easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

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    punisher KP 27
    I know that some of the "speedy dmv" places can also verify.

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    if the DMV wants a CHP vin verification they will only take a CHP vin verification( been down that road) they have a few officers that go out and do it. If you have a way to take the car to them, you can have them do it that day.

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    Call AAA, see if they can do anything.

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    This is just my dirtbike and the bike hasn't been registered in so long it has fallen out of the computer at the DMV so that's why I have to go through all this crap. I talked to the lady and asked "If I bring it here today or tomorrow, can you just do it really quick? NO. You need to wait until your date on the 27th!" What a hoe bag.
    I will try the PD tomorrow.

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