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Thread: WTF Gives??? OC Boat Show Was How Long Ago?

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    I went to the Orange County Boat Show in April of this year (only 4 months ago).
    Here's a list of things I bought while I was there:
    1. A new Jet Connex trailer wire chingus. Got it works great...
    2. A bunch of speaker grills from Holly at Xtreme Audio Covers. They are like totally awesome custom billet Whipple speaker grills...
    3. A new place at The Palms in Needles. Already moved in and lovin it...
    4. A 2 year subscription for Hot Boat Magazine. Still haven't got a single issue...
    How long should I wait for the magazine subscription to arrive?

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    ***boat has a Magazine???

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    It's a myth.
    ***boat has a Magazine???

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    ***boat has a Magazine???
    I never get tired of that one...

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    Don't expect to ever see that free shirt either.
    How do you like the palms?..

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    You fell for that? You shoulda checked Snopes about that "***boat magazine" rumor.....

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    Don't expect to ever see that free shirt either.
    How do you like the palms?..
    I'm actually wearing my free shirt right now (I think I got 2) for the 2 or 3 year subscription. At least they gave me the shirts at the show.
    The Palms is awesome and all of the neighbors all seem really cool. The places are top notch and we love ours.

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    ***boat has a Magazine???
    And they wonder why they continue to hear this.

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    When you DO get them, they will be past issues you have already read anyway.

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