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    Im selling a brand new Raytel 4000 bluetooth kit. $250 Marc 818-445-6715
    Looking for the ultimate, exclusively Bluetooth and voice activated hands-free car kit? ItÂ’s here! The TellPhone 4000 blue uses the latest technologies in universal hands-free car kits and offers safe and convenient mobile communication in your car. Just turn on your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and get into your car. While driving you can make or receive calls, hands-free, just by using interactive, simple and easy to remember voice commands. Your phone directory, outgoing and incoming caller ID and connectivity status is displayed on a sleek command and display module mounted in clear view on your dashboard. All the time your mobile phone stays in your pocket or purse while you talk loud and clear.
    The Bluetooth wireless solution of the TellPhone 4000 blue offers the driver the latest state-of-the-art interactive wireless connectivity when making or receiving a phone call while driving. The Bluetooth enabled mobile phone is paired through a recognition sequence, thus only an authorized mobile phone is allowed to work with the TellPhone 4000 blue system. Up to 4 different Bluetooth enabled mobile phones can be authorized, allowing you to share your hands-free TellPhone 4000 blue system with other drivers or passengers in your car. Using both the headset and hands-free Bluetooth profile enables most of todayÂ’s available and future mobile phones with Bluetooth capability to work with the TellPhone 4000 blue system. To learn more about the pairing procedure visit the manufacturer's website.
    The TellPhone 4000 blue system eliminates driving distractions such as fumbling for the mobile phone to answer or place a call. Simple interactive voice commands give you full control over your phone. You want to dial a number, just speak the number and you are connected. You want to call your office, just tell your TellPhone 4000 blue system and you can talk business with your car stereo automatically muted. All this totally hands-free while you drive safely on the highway. The TellPhone 4000 blue system automatically downloads the phone book directory from your mobile phone if programmed by the phone manufacturer, and allows you to directly access those numbers and call them with the touch of a button. The friendly voice of the TellPhone 4000 blue system, coming through the carÂ’s built-in loudspeakers, tells you when you receive a call, and caller ID information is shown on the LC-display of the TellPhone 4000 blue command and display module. Make your family members use your TellPhone 4000 blue system when they drive your car and want to use their own mobile phone. If their phones are paired and trusted to your TellPhone 4000 blue system, they will automatically connect and be able to use your in-car hands-free system. The TellPhone 4000 blue will let them keep both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road while driving, and still Talk On...
    Features of the TellPhone 4000 blue
    Full graphic display shows phone book entries, callerÂ’s name, phone numbers and connection status
    User-independent voice commands
    Downloads the mobile phoneÂ’s stored phone book
    Command & display module can be affixed almost anywhere in the driverÂ’s view
    Stores up to 4 Bluetooth mobile phone addresses
    Integrates into the car radioÂ’s audio system
    Automatic car radio muting when making or receiving a call
    Will not become obsolete when upgrading to a new Bluetooth® mobile phone
    Turnkey installation kit – one-time installation cost
    Compatible with today’s and future Bluetooth® mobile phones
    Supported Phones
    The list of Bluetooth enabled phones compatible with the TellPhone 4000 blue system will be updated periodically as new models are introduced by the wireless carriers. For the latest update please visit the manufactuer's website.
    TellPhone 4000 blue System Content
    Your TellPhone 4000 blue system is a complete installation car kit which includes the following components:
    TellPhone 4000 main control unit
    TellPhone 4000 command and display module
    TellPhone microphone
    TellPhone universal wiring harness
    Mounting hardware (screws, washers, nuts)
    Operating and installation manual
    Registration, warranty cards, and warranty policy
    The TellPhone 4000 blue system has been designed for easy installation, however we recommend strongly to have the system installed by a professional installer.
    Enhancement Accessories
    You may enhance the functionality of your TellPhone 4000 blue system with high quality factory accessories:
    RAYTEL LLC Radio Mute
    TellPhone Auxiliary Loudspeaker

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