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Thread: Controlled Spinout!!

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    Wow did not know Mastercraft offered the submarine option. That bilge pump will be working some overtime!

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    Got to be great for the trans.

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    another boat to add to the pictures when buying used boats lol that must be hard on that boat.

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    When Viagra is just not enough to impress that "someone special"....

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    there are some dumbass people out there
    hello rotting wood

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    whats the big deal....they drive around with that much water in them anyways

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    '78 gt boat
    Stay far away from that Idiot!!!
    Although from what I hear jet boats can do that pretty good as well

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    I think he now owns a blue and green aftershock deckboat

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    I watched the video twice and I can't seem to find the damn reeds anywhere.

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