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Thread: Duel feed line ?

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    Im looking to redo my fuel lines.
    I have a tunnel ram with duel holley carbs. So I need to split 1 fuel line to 4 places. Any ideas on where to find parts. I want to do it all in ss braided line.

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    Couldnt you get or make a fuel log?

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    Couldnt you get or make a fuel log?
    Yeah. But 1 carb feeds on one side and the other carb feeds on the other side of the intake manifold.

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    superdave 013 here on the boards has everything you need to plumb up your system
    sweet performance products
    placentia calif

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    dave will hook you up right and is real fair with his pricing. you cant beat it.

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    Another vote for Superdave. His prices are good. Be careful though, its easy to get out of hand.

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    I use TMR in Orange, ca. I spent $800 in lines and fittings to plumb my tunnelram and fuel system properly, just be aware. Some of those fittings are 50 bucks a pop....
    Also, do not try to save a few bucks by getting the non teflon lines - if you dry out the hoses, IE, you don't run your boat for a season or two, you will start having all kinds of leaks in the mdlle of the hose. I found that out the hard way.
    The teflon lined stuff never wears out.

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    I have a similiar setup for my blower motor its a #8an on each side then a Y into 2 #6an here is a pic

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    Pick up a 4 port fuel pressure regulator and take everything to SuperDave. Piece of cake.

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    Here is the best pic of my setup.

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