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Thread: Anyone Want To Buy Some Foreclosures??

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    I am flooded with 'em!! If you guys are looking for a great place to buy under market value, get in touch with me.
    Not much out there to flip, especially considering the market, but I have some good deals for first time buyers, the banks are getting desperate to get rid of some of this stuff.
    Fed dropped a 1/2 pt today, buy buy buy!!

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    Big Inch
    I have several people interested in the simi valley area. Let me know.

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    I've got some in Orange. Serrano Heights. They are becoming more common.

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    RJ Nordic
    I am fairly familiar with Orange, but don't recall the term Serrano Heights? Major cross streets?

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    NEED a few in the 92078, what do you have in San Elijo hills ?

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    Anything in AZ?

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    The Doctor
    My daughter and her family are looking in the Monrovia and surrounding areas. They liked that neighborhood when they were there and it's much closer to the college where he teaches. PM me with anything that fits that mold.

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    Please pm me with Orange, Placentia, Anaheim, Anahiem Hills, and Corona if any available.............

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    No Regrets
    I have quite a few in the Santa Clarita Valley, Valencia, area-
    Re/Max Valencia

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    al cole'holic
    ...foreclosures and REO's (bank owned) are great buys right now for those looking to get into a home. As H19 stated they aren't the best scenario to fix and flip right now, but for rental or primary residence they are great! Those investors with a large liquid position stand to do very well with these properties, the more cash the better as you can get into the auctions which requires all cash but allows you to pick a property up at it's bottom dollar before the bank has to take it back and hold it as an REO. We have had many successful investments made with all these scenario's in the Ventura County area. A good percentage of homes listed right now in our MLS are bank owned REO's, what's good is they aren't taking too much of a hit on these and in fact are doing alot of rehab work prior to making them available...

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