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Thread: 5,340 Shopping Carts Seized In Van Nuys Cleanup

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    They should start a reward program for them. I could have made a fortune on returning carts that were dumped in the alley when lived in North Hills.
    According to City Councilman Tony Cardenas, 5,340 abandoned shopping carts were seized in a pilot program designed to clean up the Van Nuys area.
    In light of the program's triumphs, Cardenas asked city officials to find ways to implement a similar program citywide.
    "If over 5,300 carts were found in my district alone, we can only imagine how many carts are out there throughout the city causing major road hazards and putting our families at risk," Cardenas said.
    "This is about public safety and community pride," he said. "These carts constantly roll out into our streets and cause blight in our neighborhoods."
    Abandoned shopping carts are "eyesores" that become magnets for loitering and illegal dumping, the councilman said.
    Representatives of the California Grocers Association and store owners will meet Sept. 13 to discuss measures to keep carts from being stolen or lost. Each stolen or abandoned cart costs retailers about $100.
    "The Department of Public Works' Bureau of Sanitation feels confident that a practical solution to the blight caused by abandoned shopping carts is not only essential but very feasible," said Enrique C. Zaldivar, executive officer of Bureau of Sanitation.

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    This guy will take care of those carts....

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    They better not try that in Canada.
    Brown would be SOL.

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    I always thought those were Mexican station wagions?:idea: :jawdrop:

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    They are as bad as graffitti when they're strewn all over the neighborhood.
    It'll eventually come to all your neighborhoods and you'll see.

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    They better not try that in Canada.
    Brown would be SOL.
    lol...If you only knew......
    Tom......What about Boatcop...?....

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    When I lived in San Francisco I had a crazy idea.
    I thought it would be fun to cruise down one of the hills there in a shopping cart.
    But then a moment of sanity crossed my mind and I realized that getting a wheel caught in the cable car tracks would probably suck.

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    Shopping Carts are almost as big a neighborhood blight as Grafitti.
    A co-worker, Hells Angel Steve lives in Huntington Beach Calif.
    When they are abandon in his neighborhood, he takes them and (he benches 500 lbs) throws them in the yards of the Illegal Alien Rope Hotels and waits for the "Tennants" to come out and thus need dental work and stitches.
    Many of his neighbors are LEOS and they turn a blind eye.
    Pain and agony is the only thing that stops it.
    Ask him about it at the Sandbar. He gets really worked up.
    It's a un-checked immigration blight coming to a neighborhood near you.
    You won't laugh about it when the rope hotels and Shopping carts pop up all over your turf annihilating your property values.
    OH yeah,, the grafitti too.
    It's the triple crown of Illegal immigration:
    Flop house rope hotels, grafitti, & shopping carts.
    Van Nuys is a lost cause.
    They're pissing in the wind,, it's too late.

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    There are guys that drive around looking for shopping carts, they load them on a truck and take them back.....there is a reward for them...maybe every area just does not have guys that do this?? I was rolling through Fresno last week and saw some of them....

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    For the life of me, I cant understand why folks wont pony up and buy a baby stroller instead of using these things. Does it ever cross their minds that they are the property of the store?

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