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    gregg canavan
    I run a 28'Signature Offshore with 3 2.4 ltr
    200 hp mercs...2 weekends ago I blew a motor, so I took off that one, took off another one(just put it away as a spare), and put on 2 new powerheads.These were used motors I had just in case... they were new last year, each has only 30hrs on them, they run mint. Here's the question...all 3 of my motors were perfectly synchronized, the 2 new motors only tach up to 4500rpm at full throttle. I didnt touch any of the control cables or anything... the 3rd motor will still tach up to 5500, no problem. These 2 new motors came to me complete, and I know they used to go up in rpm...can anyone tell me how to adjust the throttles to match? If I run all 3 motors at 4500, the throttle levers are not all lined up and I can only get 55mph out of the boat...I used to get 80 at 5500 rpm. Only peace of mind is I wont blow up another motor at 4500.....

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    Only I could reccommend is to contact Scaryfast at ( since something is really wrong (sync link, etc) or ask someone at ( where it is more action.
    Cheers, Toffen-Norway

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    Are you talking about the adjuster at the motor end ??? as I remember it there are 2 types. one you adjust the little wheel on the end of the cable and the other you release the cable and turn the lug that normally secures the cable until its moved the correct distance. Just be sure your not raising your idle when you do this.

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    gregg canavan
    you know, that is exactly what it was...only it took me a little bit to figure it out. now she runs sweet, man what a ride

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