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Thread: modesto area engine shop, BBC work?

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    have a 454 with a bad intake valve, anyone know of a shop in modesto, oakdale or vicinity for high quality service?

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    Walt Ott @ performance machine in Ripon

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    I second what Camoman said. Walt does great work and takes good care of his customers.
    He's just off Austin Rd. and 99.

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    thanks guys, in some old threads i was seeing references to "walt's hot boat" in modesto, sounds like maybe the same fella. i found a number for a walter ott in the area, so i'll give a call.

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    Walt Ott and "Walt's Hot Boats" are different people. Don't believe "Walt's Hot Boats" is still in business(retired).

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    Walt Ott's shop number is 239-2000. I guess I coulda posted that last night .

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