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Thread: garage plans needed

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    any contractors or designers out there willing to give up a set of garage plans? im looking to build an unattached garage/shop that is 50'-55' wide by 28'-30' deep, and tall enough for a 15' lift. would like to make half of it a second story for storage and a sewing area for upholstry. other half would be open to allow for the lift and such.
    here is a very rough sketch of what im looking for. garage.jpg (50.9 KB)

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    Hereya go Victor......You guys getting excited about the little one? Good luck...

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    cool thanks. those are very similar to what i was looking for. im kinda hoping someone had allready built something like this and has true plans they would let go real cheap. but thats definatly a good start. thanks. ok, just looked at the price code for those and thats cheap $270 for 5 copies. very cool.
    as for the little one, wow i feel like a kid waiting for christmas to come. we are so excited and happy. its so cool.

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    just bumping this to see if there are any other ideas with maybe more of a california style. meaning a little less pitched roof. obviously these plans can be changed to accomidate this, but if someone has allready drawn it up and had them approved, it would save a step or two and some cost. but so far that plan# ARV-4-3254 looks pretty good and will work with the house and yard. thanks.

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