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Thread: reverse windshield dam

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    I have a 1976 Charger boat with a low profile reverse wind dam on the front of it. The wind dam was recently damaged during a rescue. The name on the windshield of the manufacturer is, BWM out of Santa Anna California. I have not been able to locate the the manufacturer, so I assume they are out of business or have been bought out. Can anyone help me out with any leads on where to look?

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    My '79 Charger has the same thing made by Finney's.
    It was also damaged and I was planning on just dropping by a plexiglass shop and having a new one fab'd up using my old one as a template. I want to make sure the it matches the old one exactly, since I don't want to have to redrill any holes.
    I'm in no rush since it was only about 4" of one side of it.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    My '79 Charger has the same thing made by Finney's.
    "Rodger Finney"

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    Xlration Marine
    Send him yours and he can do it.

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    Thanks guys, I'll give these businesses a try. I'm brand new to this site, is there any way to post photos of what someone is looking for?

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    Classic Daycruiser
    Ok the shop below has a lot of stuff. Who are the other shops. I'm looking to replace the front windows on my 1985 Eliminator mohave. I need High strenth plastic frames and Plexi glass, and they must look original.
    Az-Ak Marine Boat Windshields
    Lake Havasu City, Az
    Replacement Boat Windshields, Windows, Portholes
    Nordic Boat Up to 1991
    Cheetah Boats Az.OpenBow,Deck Boats
    Spectra 18'20'24'W/S
    Sleekcrakt Enforcer 23'26'28'W/S
    Front Windows for
    Eliminator Mohave,
    Apache 23',Commander 23'
    Crusader 23',Pantara 23'
    Howard 21'& 24'D/C W/S
    Tahiti 21'Boss D/C W/S
    Roger 20' D/C W/S Schiada 21'R/C
    Southwind 20' D/C W/S
    Commander 20.2'Open Bow W/S,
    Marlin 20.2' O/B W/S,
    Apache 20.2' O/B W/S
    Panthera 20.2' O/B W/S
    Carribean 20.2 O/B W/S
    Carrera 20.5'Ventri W/S
    Tahiti Carribean 20.5'V.W/S
    Advantage 20.5'V W/S
    Crusader 20.5'V W/S
    Campbell 20'24'28' DayCruz.Blanks
    Customer must trim to fit Deck
    Contact Information
    Email :
    Phone :

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