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Thread: 454/496 Engine

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    I have a 454 in my jet boat that threw a valve yesterday and demolished the piston and scoured the cylinder. It's a Gen 4 BBC that is stock from what I can tell. It also has an Edelbrock tunnel ram.
    I'm starting to look for alternatives to replacing the engine including 454/496 short and long blocks or complete engines.
    Does anyone have any thoughts or engine options? I'm not in a huge rush on this but would like to keep moving forward with it at a reasonable pace.

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    sanger rat
    You can't beat building a 496 for a Jet Boat. I would look for something with aftermarket crank like a Eagle or Scat. H-beam rods of either brand. Forged pistons JE, SRP, Probe. For heads a set of steel Merlins or aluminums such as Dart, Canfields, AFR or RHS. Shop around. There are deals to be had. Might find something in the Spam section.

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    CStraub has a fresh 496 short block for sale in the spam section for $3k and change. Might be a good fit for you.

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    Thanks for the info and ideas.
    I sent Chris a PM on the 496 and I've also sent a PM on some Merlin Heads in the Spam section. Haven't heard back on either yet...
    Anyone else out there got some "great deals" going?

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    Just a thought!
    Have you considerd a 460 ford. Myu buddy is a major gear head and has had a dozen "race cars". From his experince and from what a very respected performance engine bulder down here has said the " the ford is so much easier to build power with and less expensive". Now, small blocks thats a diffrent story.

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    Thanks for the thought!
    I really haven't given it too much thought since I've got BBC tunnel ram intake, exhaust headers, oil pan, starter and so on. So, If I do get a BBC short or long block then I've got some of the components already. Starting over with Ford would be more expensive for me and I don't want to get too much deeper than I already am.

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    I understand how that goes. I wonder why you don't see more BBF in boats though

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    I understand how that goes. I wonder why you don't see more BBF in boats though
    For the same reason you don't see BB Chrysler's either. BB Chevy's are just to damn cheap.

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