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Thread: What do I have? (Block Numbers)

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    Just rolled home with the "Vintage Schiada" that CP Dad had posted. Been hosing for hours. Got enough dust and dirt gone to find these numbers. Can anybody help ID them? Thanx in advance. Cast into rear of block, 396985. And stamped into front block pad, TO426TKB. Seems to have an old Velvet Drive tranny and a Cruisader V-drive.
    Thanks again,

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    Not enough numbers. Check again. Mike

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    Thanx Rio and Mike. It's a "4" so it's either a 396 or 402. Do the numbers stamped into the front pad mean anything? Jason (CP Dad) told me it was a 396 but I was hoping someone would come back with "gee Carl, lools like you found youself a factory racing engine built for Cale Yarborough for his Indy winning bla, bla, bla"

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    Thanx Rio. Just looking for as much info as I can find. Not sure what I'm going to do, proly do a compression check, leak down, then run it and see how she does. Kinda a cool/different old Schiada that I'm guessing was built as a skiier/cruiser. I'll post some pix as the progress/regress happens.
    Thanxa again,

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    the stamped numbers will tell you more of its application. year and model(s) of vehicle it came in.

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