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Thread: Are Ultrasonic fuel tank level sending units Avail?

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    Anyone know of a Ultrasonic level sensing unit for fuel boat tanks?
    Preferably a low profile fit & 12V.

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    Hmmmm Pretty cool idea, never heard of this one, so HAD to go looking. Kinda hard to find.
    SSI Technologies (
    I'm not finding retailers, and no pricing on the website. E-mails for contact tho.
    Why not go capacitive tho? Mine works great, and has the added "bonus" of automatically warning you of water in the tanks. Custom cuttable to any length, bendable to fit curved tanks, all for no extra charge.
    Centroid capacitive senders (
    If memory serves, $65.
    I would get the "un-damped" version tho. My reading is fairly inaccurate under way (from slosh, reading higher than actual) then, settles to a true reading if stopped for a bit.
    I may eventually replace it, just from this aspect. They advised un-damped, but, my decision from the un-baffled, wide, flat tank (5'x18"x7" deep, with tapered sides), I thought damped would be better, but is ALMOST "overdamped" IMO.
    You live and learn. :idea:
    I had mine cut 1/2" "short" for a small (couple of gallons) "reserve".

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    Thanks for the info,, very interesting and informative.

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