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    I tend to be slower than most at trying new products. I final broke down and installed a new Tilton Starter. I was sceptical at first, but when I fired the boat up this weekend, I was impressed. It cranks well, sounds clean, and most of all, it installs easily because it's lightweight and smaller. Now I'm wondering how well do these hold up ???

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    They hold up very well on engines that do not get the starter wet.
    A jet boat gets wet around the flywheel. That throws water on the starter shaft, it runs inside the starter and corrodes.
    A v-drive engine is usually a bit dryer. Stern drive boats stay the dryest.

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    I've had one on my older jetboat for years. The only problem I had was once when it got completely submerged for a period of time, not just wet. At that point I took it to a starter repair place who basically just opened it up and dried it out, they didn't have to replace any parts. They are pricey but it should be the last starter you need to buy.
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    We sell Tilton and also IMI. IMI's are less expensive and IMO do just as good a job.
    IMI Starters

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    I have both but like the IMI better. Tilton based on a Nissan Sentra starter and IMI based on a Toyota starter. I've had starter drive gear fall out on the Tilton. But the IMI has been flawless.
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    I use the R&B starter (out of Parker,Az) for my Boat & 94 Suburban.
    I have not had any problems.

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    I've been running an IMI (from REX!) for about 6 yrs now. Never given me one bit of trouble and was reasonably priced. Of course now it's going to seize up next time I go to the lake for saying how great it has been!

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    my starter sucks cause it wont start my boat, its a regular full size starter on a BBC. all it does is grind and doesnt engauge, the teeth on the gear are fine.. any suggestions? oh yeah its 19ft jetboat 454 berk jc
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    Try shimmimg the starter. Starter shims are available at most auto parts stores.

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