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Thread: Have boat, need paint job!

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    Thanks to Sleekcraft80 I now have my old yellow 73 Hondo back home in the good ole Inland Empire. What i need is a kinda cheap complete boat paint job. I don't want to spend a fortune as itÂ’s just our knock around boat, at the same time i want something that will hold up. Also interior complete, any ideas in the IE that can do both without knocking over a liquor store?
    Any help would be greatful

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    I'm in he market for a paint job and interior for my 84 Sanger Picklefork (after putting a new engine in it ) as well and am in Orange County and the boat is in Havasu.
    I can take the boat anywhere within reason to have it done. The rough quotes I got in Havasu were pretty high...

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    BA Kurtis
    Give me a call, I can help you out on the paint, 951-712-3704....Dan

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    What kind of paint job are you guys lookin' for?
    For shits and giggles give any A/B paint supply a call and ask about primer, Qt. of any color HOK base, and a gallon of clear would run. i think after this is done, you can start getting an idea of what the cost of your particular paint job should be,...dont for get the reducers,tape and masking paper, its not unheard of to go through a sleeve or two of 1/2" tape on a two or three color boat not to mention 18'-19' boat will be more in materials when you take into consideration its not just one more foot, its one more foot of boat! (Height, length and width!)
    also think about your boat's issues, small scratches,cracks and uneven surfaces, these areas will ALL have to be addressed before any primer is applied!
    any questions, i can answer most all of your painting, fiberglass and gel questions, i will answer via PM or phone
    TRG custom fiberglass

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    BOATS AND BUGGY'S in riverside 951-681-0471

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    Give Dan(BA Kurtis) a call, he does really nice work and he is reasonable. our family was just on vacation up at lake don pedro this past week and the attention our boats got was amazing(he painted both)to say the least.

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    I thought i would toss in some pics i took today... I'm ready to get it painted and have no clue to colors. I can't afford the ballers paint jobs so maybe two colors and maybe a heavy pin stripe type for a third.
    I'm thinking a lighter yellow and white... Too bland??
    Anyone take this photo and toss colors on it, for a visual??? Theres a case of beer in for ya
    Need new interior also, looking for the work to be done in the inland Empire area...

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    Just try and wet sand and buff it, it can really do some wonders

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    Interior, middle of the road job / materials 3k, prep/materials/paint for the entire boat 5k minimum, thats my guesstimation, lets see how close I get??
    ThatÂ’s my price range..... 5K is in my price range, now to hunt down the honest upholstery and paint business.

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    That boat looks good in the pics... What are the problems?
    Go with BAKurtis. Ive seen his work and it is nice. Materials for that boat are gonna run you anywhere from 500-1000.
    For interior you can go with Martinez in Norco. Awesome work, good price. My bro got his whole day cruiser done for 3200, including new carpet, new seats, new engine cover & new interior panels, its nice!

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