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Thread: Ned's Photos from Orange Beach Racing

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    H2O - Full Throttle
    Have uploaded just over 100 pics of the first days racing from here in Orange Beach, enjoy.

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    Havasu Doug
    Awesome pics as always Ned! Thanks for sharing.

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    Old Man Havasu
    Outstanding pics!!

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    Where are the pics of the mullet toss from the Florabama

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    Gary Nichols in that Nichols Concrete boat. Met him a couple of times. Guy is a trip. He owns a restaurant / bar in OB called Live Bait. Cool place. Great place if you need an attitude adjustment

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    Caribbean Jet
    Those were killer pics!!!!!!!1

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    Bad ass!!

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    Nov 2009
    nice pics,see at least one west coat boat has the balls to race.Also nice to see the renegade back out racing even though she's getting a little old.

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