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Thread: RIP Barry

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    I personally didnt know him, but my heart goes out to the family
    from todays paper...
    Barry Lamar Pendley, 47, Las Vegas, Nev. resident, succumbed to injuries inflicted Aug. 9, 2007 in a boating accident on the Colorado River near Topock and Needles, Calif.
    Barry Pendley, an incredible, fun-loving father was born and raised in Apple Valley, Calif., is remembered with love by his only child, Dylan and Dylan’s mother, Denise Pendley-Pitts and her husband Ed Pitts of Oak Hills, Calif.; mother Marilyn Moore of Golden Valley, Ariz.; sister Laura Pendley of Golden Valley, Ariz.; sister Dianne Alhandy, Wickenburg, Ariz.; Aunt Ruth Schediwy of Apple Valley, Calif.; cousins in New York, Italy, Arizona, and in Bakersfield, Calif.; father Winnie LaMar Pendley of Northern California; and many friends including Bill Hamilton, Kingman, Ariz.
    In lieu of flowers, a trust fund for Dylan Lamar Pendley has been opened at the Wells Fargo Bank branch in Victorville, Calif.
    A cowboy memorial service will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 19, 2007 at Quail Springs Ranch, Kingman, Ariz

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    That Guy
    Thanks for posting this...unfortunately it makes the whole thing even more sad now that I have a face to go with the story....

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    I thought i read somewhere that the boys mother died a few years back in a car accident, this is good to hear that the kid has some family to raise him

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    That Guy
    That turned out to be untrue and he lives with his at least that part of the story is better.

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    Big Warlock

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    RIP Barry.

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    Very in peace........Barry

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    Baja Big Dog
    Good bye...Barry

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