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Thread: Look what show'd up at a gun amnesty:

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    I returned from Viet Nam, and spent a short time at Camp Pendelton Calif.
    I lived about an hour away.
    One evening on base, I was unloading a 5 ton Marine Corps truck, and 6 LAAW shoulder fired missle launchers were in the back.
    Unfired, forgotten left-overs form a day at the practice range.
    Yeah,, I though how cool it would be to show up with them at my friends campsites in the desert where we shot Clay Pigeons and high powered rifles at targets.
    Nahh,, I passed and left them where they were, and reported them to the CO in the morning.
    They got returned to ordinance.
    Would have been fun,, but risky.

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    How did he find my shed?

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    empty TOW missle tube............... no biggie......
    The LAWW's would be fun for sure TPC.....
    BTW, I saw a truck yesterday, and if I had my camera, I would have taken
    a pic of the trailer.......
    it said; TPC................... Tropical Plant Carrier's...........
    showed an eskimo hugging a palm tree...

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