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    Miller Custom Boats

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    Jim, Justin!
    The quilted maple is AMAZING. I always thought it would be totally spectacular on a full deck.
    --jim hart

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    That is some of the best looking wooddecks I have ever seen ! Keep up the awsome work !

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    Thanks for the photos- I sometimes wondered what the different 'trees' looked like converted to boat decks. I'll save these for future reference!
    Beyootiful stuff, BTW.

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    Thanks again for "The Wood"
    Beautiful pictures.

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    I heard that u guys make wood wakeboards also , if so u have any pics ?

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    A lot of time went into those i bet!! Nice Job looks excelent!

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    Miller Custom Boats
    Thanks for the compliments. It does take a lot of time, that's why we use only the best woods we can find. When we are doing a deck on a "heartthrob" boat, we try to use variations of the woods that were available at that time. There are woods out there today that blow away anything available in the 60's, but are still suitable for a 60's boat. I don't want to take away anything from those original builders, I don't want to change what they did, they were great. I don't think they would mind a great wood over their deck 40 plus years later, they probably would have used it if it had been around then. Thanks.

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    Out of "sheer" curiousity, do you use plywood already laminated with exotics or do you install raw veneers over a ply deck??

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