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Thread: My weekend pics at the powerboat regatta

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    I DIG IT !
    Well I had a great time and took some pics of the party and how we do it in the northwest!!! Lots of good people having a good time. Thanks again mike and bunny for the great party and good time. Bunny thanks for the t-shirt.

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    I DIG IT !
    and some more

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    I DIG IT !
    sorry this is the only way i know how to up load them

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    I DIG IT !
    and more

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    Nice pics

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    I DIG IT !

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    I DIG IT !
    more good times

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    Hardly Satisfied
    Nice pics, Lots of nice boats. Need more pics of some girls.

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    ULTRA26 # 1
    Looks like Carlin Bay was jumpin. Sorry I missed it. When we were at Carlin on the 4th, I got to see Mike's DCB up close and well the blue Eliminator cat. There were some nice boats there on the 4th too.
    Hope to hit CDA agan soon as we had a great time. After CDA, Havi and the summer heat just doesn't have the same appeal.
    John M

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    WOW nice pics. but it did say power boat regatta, No power that I can see. What do you guys do there, park in the slips and do nothing. Some action shots would be nice next time.

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