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    I can't decide whether to buy a 2002 Yamaha 250 HP Salt Water (EFI) or a 2003 Yamaha 250 Salt Water (HPDI). Is the direct injection reliable? Which is more reliable?

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    hpdi all the way they are reliable motors as well as the efi but the hpdi is better on gas

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    Will the 2003 HPDI 250 HP be just as good with the new 3.3 L, 1000 PSI system? GaryM

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    i think it will be a good motor, are you sure it is a 3.3L and not just a normal bigblock 3.1L?
    in either case it will be a good motor

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    I talked to two guys that ran a factory 2003 and they like the power. Mine may come in on August 2nd. I will let you all know the details. GaryM

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    i was on a test boat that had one on it yesterday and i loved it , it sounded good and rran good. from what i have heard hey should be more reliable than the ox66 motorss!

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