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Thread: Tom Brown........Bench Racer...

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    Tom Brown

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    Tom Brown
    For about 30 milliseconds, I wondered to myself, "Is Bryan getting up to speed on Photoshop?"
    I know how this works. Someone chops something and they don't have the jam to post it so they send it to the man who has balls and an air medal.
    At least, that's what I do when I chop something and am too scared to post it. Brian will post anything.

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    No choppin skills here Brownie!.....No skills of any knd actually.....
    I had the pic of that fire hazard of a shop of yours....and brought in an expert to do the choppin.....
    Its all about delegating...
    And please note's Brian

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    Tom Brown
    And please note's Brian
    Either way.

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    Tom Brown
    That picture takes me back. My Dad and I banged that project out in 6 weeks. We put a new transom, stringers, floor, interior, exterior, and all kinds of other stuff the boat wasn't worthy of onto that thing. It was a lot of work but kinda cool to work with my Dad.

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    Very sentimental.....When I get to town...Im gonna cut it in half with a chainsaw...

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    Tom Brown
    That should heat Care up nicely. .... that, and a half pound of black tar heroin.

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