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    gregg canavan
    I need help! I just came in from the lake...I run a 28' V hull with triple 200s.
    I just put into service this spring a motor I had not run in 1 1/2 years. Heres the problem; when I ran the motor 2 weeks ago, it runs fine, rpms tach up everything cool.
    Take it to the lake and it wont pull 3500 rpm!!!Checked plugs,and compression all fine.Could it be the carbs are all gummed up?
    Are the high speed jets not pulling fuel?

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    Sounds like carbs or a power pack possibly, for it to be OK and act up a week or two later, you may even have a stuck needle and seat, I would rebuild the carbs anyway after sitting that long.

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    gregg canavan
    I dont think its electrical, not a power pack
    it ran fine on the trailer tonight...just under load inthe water

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    sounds like carbs to me

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    gregg canavan
    hey guys, just got home from my shop...last night I checked compression...125 psi every hole exactly, checked for spark...intense voltage...pulled off all 3 carbs...clean as a whistle, took em all apart. recleaned em, reinstalled them. Started it up, roars like a bear, rips up to 5000, in gear, no problem.
    But I know I havent really found an issue. Tonight I checked my water/fuel filters, pulled the first one off, no water, nice and clean, pulled the second one off...not even half full!!!All 3 motors feed off the 2 filters. Traced it back to the pumps and would you believe I found one of 4 fuel hoses collapsed after the winter! I replaced the fuel line, fired up the pumps, and filled that second filter up like no tomorrow!! Cant wait to get back out this weekend!!!Thanks for your input. Gregg

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