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Thread: Thanks to Loud and Proud Team!!

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    I would like to give a big thankyou to Jeff Brochheuser and his entire racing team for helping my family and I race at the 2007 Long Beach Sprint Nationals. If it wasn't for them and Jr. Davis we wouldn't have been able to race. It was a great weekend and I know my dad would have appreciated it tremendously!! Its people like the Brochheusers and Faulkners that keep people coming to the races. I know i'm forgetting a lot of names but again from the Arnold racing team to all, Thankyou!!

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    One of my deepest regrets in all my circle racing is the miles that separate our bunch from you all! I simply cant afford to tow the distance so I miss the opportunity to meet more of you great circle jerks!
    I met Henry at Moses Lake Wa. way back when and knew then, I will not drag race anymore but instead find a way to join up! The rest is history with Nostalgia racing and in no way do I want to steal this thankyou post but after meeting the SS68 crew this last May also in Moses Lake, and seeing first hand the help they offered my family of boaters racing there, this post does not surprise me at all. When I heard the Arnolds family were still going strong with new drivers and saw video of them running Nostalgia, I was proud to say, "Hey, I know that boat". I didnt know the 550 boat had sold after running a Nostie race. Thank you all for keeping a jErK in step,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like that can ever happen!!! Maybe next year, LB for CJ! I'll start savin cans.....Love that classic 550 boat!

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    Chris it was great to see you, your Brother Ryan, and your mom Sue at the beach....Hope to see you guys at Ming..................Ray

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    Chris, my helmet and jacket are waiting for you in Bakersfield, let me know buddy, good seeing you and family at the LB races.

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