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Thread: If money and time were no objects-

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    At 62, I can remember all of the movies is saw when I was young about the hot rodding kids that traved across America in search of that street race that may ly ahead in the next town. We had the surfers movie with "Endless Summer" looking for that perfect wave, and a variety of movies that followed that have alluded to following your dream. I have been curious for years if I could do that with my Cole, given the $$ and time. I would like to start out at Camp Far West on the West Coast, in May or June with a group of racing buddies and zig zag east through out the summer all the way to the East Coast looking to race the local "Badboy". Most of you realize that camp Far West is a fine place to Outlaw drag race here in California-what I would like to know is where is the lake racing in the rest of the US that rivals CFW where we can race with no noise restrictions. Basically, there are 16-20 available weekends to race across the US before winter. I'm curious-what places lay outside of California where a racer could go to play with the "local fast boats"-a differen stop every weekend!!?? :idea:

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    Ya can come out here to Algonac and we could take your lunch money from ya!!! Hell I have a Wahlerr here that can do about50 mph, if I run it down river, and I am sure I can scrounge up a couple of Sea Rays thast could give you a run too...
    After that you could back track over to Rattle Can Lou's neighborhood and he could (I am sure) whip you a can O ass woooooopin with his new Rayson.... After that I am sure you would just want to mosey on home and lick your wooounnds... What da ya think RCL, Ya up to it?????

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    I think I could whip ass on the Sea Ray's, but the Boston Whaler makes my knees knock!!! Wouldn't want to race pinks!!

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    Your first stop after CFW would be Lake Lahonton outside of Fernley, outside of Reno.
    We will be waiting for ya.............

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    I've been told that Lake Lahonton rivals Camp Far West for hot boats and good racing. I've yet to make one of Wild Bill's outings, but hope to in the future. Wild Bill is a figure here at the San Antonio Lake meets. Lahonton would certainly be a second stop. I have an aunt that lives in Stagecoach, and I stay there when I work in Carson City, so Lahonton is a skip from there. Your response is what I would like to hear-there is a method to my madness: Every five years my wife has her class reunion in Iowa City, Iowa. Given that she likes to drive and tour along the way, why not let me tow the boat and look for some action along the way and back. This would certainly be more interesting that hitting all of the usual tourist traps that are along the route!! Racing is primary, winning is secondary. Any excuse to mash the pedal!

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    I've considered a similar trip several times. Not just to race but to see and boat on all the best places in the country.

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    This is a great idea Dennis! If you are able to make it work be sure to keep the rest of us updated as the trip unfolds. I wish i could go with ya but no work, no boat.

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    Firebird lake in Phoenix is a great little stop on your tour. Lots of hotels and amenities nearby. Plenty of fast boats too....

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    A couple of years ago I suggested that we find a place that was centrally located for us and our east coast brothers so that we could all hang out ck out the rides, and little friendly wagering and then at the end of the day throw a couple of coldy's back and tell some more lies. Didn't get alot of feed back but I think your idea is awesome and would love to see it happen. By the way RCL said he would fund this whole deal if we could find the place. You know Burley ID. wouldn't be a bad place come to think of it. Open water, town loves fast boats and a very nice park setting.:idea:

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    I'll contact Kyle Petty, maybe he can put it together.. .. I'm sure something like this would pickup momentum as it went from place to place..Sounds like fun.. Btw.. Where's Burly,Id.

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