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Thread: Wanted . . Stoker SST/Merc Power

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    Looking for a clean used Stoker SST. Must be the older style 20' with Mercury Power. Would prefer HI-PO 2.5 EFI power. Sorry, No OMC'S.
    Anyone selling or know of someone selling a clean one please email me ASAP. Thanks.

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    I have a 1999 204 sst with 280hp, does not sound like what you are looking for but? let me know. Located in Havasu. Joe

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    check DCB, the last i heard they had a newer 20 footer, with a 260 or 280. Real Fast and Really fun boat.

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    Badseed: Didn't see it on Dave's website? What's the scoop? http://free.***

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    Havasu Dreamin'- The Stoker that Dave had for sale use to be on his website. I see that it is no longer there, but he might still have it. Give him a call and see what's up

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    Thanks for the info. guys. I will give a call. If in the coming months you see any more come up for sale please let me know. Pops is going to be pretty picky, but if the right one pops up, he has cash!

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    roln 20s
    I was looking through www.arizona*** (http://www.arizona*** on the used boats and noticed a 20' Stoker. I don't remember off the top of my head what model it was or engine, but think that it was priced around 16K. Looked like a great boat. Check it out, it may be what you are looking for. Good luck!

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    roln 20s
    Actually, I copied the add of the Stoker to post here for you. It isn't exactly what you are looking for, but does seem nice.
    Here's the scoop: 1987 Stoker MOD VP, 20ft, 200 Evinrude e/w nose cone and low water pickup, Jack Plate, Foot throttle, Trim on steering wheel, All gauges, 2- Stainless props, seat 6 w/storage, Running lights. Competive trailer w/chrome fenders and NEW "TA Radial" tires. Custom Towing Cover, Bimini Top. Very, Very clean, stored indoors. Great ski boat and FAST. $12,999.00.
    A pic is on arizona***
    It seems to be a nice boat at a great price!
    Again, good luck

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    Thanks a bunch Roln 20's. As I said, pops is looking for a Merc, but we all know that 99% are OMC's, so if he can find a good clean OMC Stoker at the right price, he would buy with the thought of changing out to a Merc in a few years. That is one clean boat (at least it looks that way). I am on the phone to pops right now!
    HD -out! http://free.***
    Sorry for the frown . . forgot!
    [This message has been edited by HavasuDreamin' (edited March 04, 2002).]

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    Took a look at the picture, man that looks clean. Unfortunately the advertisement was posted 3/18/01, so the boat is most likely gone. I emailed the guy, but have not heard back. Any other information/help would be greatly appreciated. http://free.***

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