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Thread: How much money in gas did you spend this summer?

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    Okay everyone out of curiousity how much did you spend this summer on fuel? I spent a total of $1600.00 on just fuel for the months of June and July,
    I still haven't recieved the bill for August yet! All in all it was a good summer, A few trips to the lakes, Numerous runs on our local rivers, And one Poker Run! So what was the tab for your summer?

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    Never added it up. Now spend a few hundred each time when go to the river.

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    $0.. Company gas card. For boat and Tahoe.

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    about 4000 for june july and the start of this month... just for work
    125-150 to fill up every 2-3 days hurts.

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    Not enough, I missed a couple of days of boating

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    79 HUSTLER
    Let see, 120 gallons of 110 at 6.25 a gal. almost every day I go out???? Alot o money

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    Not enough, I missed a couple of days of boating
    You shouldn't have spent that much considering it isn't that far from Windsor to the channel.

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    $0.. Company gas card. For boat and Tahoe.
    Now that's better than a rich uncle! I could definetley use one of them!

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    We tow'd our 32 ft RV one lap around the USA:
    About $2800.
    We expected to spend much more.
    It's about $130 to fill the boat.
    Went thru 3 tankfulls since we bought it. That's $390.
    Driving to the river and back all summer (since April) a good estimate $1400
    So we're flirting with about $5 grand for the summer.

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    Tom Brown
    I spent $0.00.
    I drained last years fuel from my tank and when I came back the next week, my Dad had filled it with fresh stuff. I haven't boated enough to need to fill it again (about 3 minutes total, just a test run to make sure it's working).
    If I were smart, I'd sell my boat. Too bad I'm not.

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