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Thread: Testing and Tickets all around!

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    Well, where does one go test a 90 mph boat in Washington? Yes, I was the tow boat (slamming allowed) for the Nordling Navey Laveys this weekend at Newman Lake today and yesterday. George brought the SS76 up to meet up with the legendary SS701 Canary L-boat. Washington fish and Game cruised in and issued tickets all around for having no valid parking sticker on the Oregon boats and my Wa. one. I BSed a bunch and tried to save our Nosties from the $136 buck fine ($30 if you purchase a pass immediatly) but it was too late, the 'good cop bad cop' team were writing in tandem (burnin Lead)! Upon leaving the Lake we stopped at the only active resort there and were told the Wa. computer server was down and nowhere in the state could we purchase one. Isnt this great to issue a ticket for a parking pass NOT available anywhere for the last three days!
    Welcome tourist and out of town boaters! This pass comes with a fishing license and must be on the dash of all tow vehicles to use the public launch!
    Sunday, the Marine Deputy and County Sherrif was called to harrass us further! Now, no parking pass was required but the noise and speed was too much for a small lake like Newman! We asked where we could go to do that all important prop testing and motor break in. No where! However, all of us got away with NO violations and my boat got a free courtesy inspection and.......PASSED, if I kept it under 50mph! No problemo Mr. Officer Sir! Thanks for your courtesy Spokane County Sherriffs but to those Fish and Game dudes.......get a grip!
    PS, you Newman Lk complainer-whistle blowers may read this and laugh, but in reality you were treated to quite a fast free show and to a former World Champion and Hall of Famer right in your neighborhood! And could have met first hand one of the nicest veteran racer anywhere! He has retired and is now in charge of the fastest Lavey circle boats currently racing.....If you want to see any of this action again, you must go to Ione Wa. this weekend and that will cost you a big gas bill! Thanks again Deputy! He thought our boats were very cool! and NO tickets you whiners!

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    You need to launch at the Rose Lake ramp on the Coeur d'Alene River..go down the river a few miles to the sign on the right that says Kilarny Lake...go through the channel to Kilarny Lake..flat and wide open..nobody to mess with you there..Jess

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