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Thread: GT-150 clone

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    Tom Brown
    Hey, check this out. These guys make a boat that looks a lot like the old Glastron GT-150. The deck looks a little different but the lines are there.
    GT-150 clone

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    Tom Brown
    Has anyone seen one of these? Anyone know what they go for?

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    Ken Simon
    The Pavesi P-15 / GT-150 replica should retail for about $8,700 w/90 hp 2-stroke carb (50 mph), $9,900 w/115 hp 2-stroke carb (62 mph), and $10,800 w/115 hp 2-stroke direct inj. (62 mph), not incl. trailer, depending on dealer mark-up.

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    I think they need a short shaft 150hp option!

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    Ken Simon
    The jump boat in in the Bond film "Live and Let Die" had a 135 Evinrude, even though it was only rated for 90 hp. It did over 70 mph. The new boat is Coast Guard approved to 115 hp and does about 62. Anything over that is up to the owner at their own risk.

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    Ken Simon:
    Anything over that is up to the owner at their own risk.

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