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Thread: 100 hp merc

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    Ok just got a line on one I may get for free....What is this thing worth in the real world if it runs good?

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    Had one on my pontoon for 20+ years still runs great...what year is it and what are you putting it on??

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    Don't know the year.....It's on an old fiberglass boat that I am being given. Lady says it ran great the last time they used it. I'm just looking to sell it and help finance my new project boat and would like to know roughly what its worth as I have NO clue..Thanks

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    It will be more valuable if you can keep it packaged with the boat. I've purchased inline 6s that ran great for under $500. If, on the other hand you package it with a boat that looks good (freshly cleaned, polished and waxed) you can usually get 2K no matter what the age. Just my 2 cents.

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    why are these inline 6's so popular, every time i see one the are 4 sale for about $1000 and up and people buy them up like candy. why is that.

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    Well I picked it's an old 60's Glastron with what looks like a first age try at a walk thru bow. The outer hull is decent but the floor is totally rotted out. I can't believe it but the windshield is all there and not broken. The motor is a 950 series 95 hp. Mercury. Just for kicks I put juice to it and rigged up fuel..Lo and behold she lit and idled down like it was just run yesterday.WOW it my blown big block only had those manners I am going to get a new water pump and change the oil in the lower unit just for safety....It sits on a very solid single axle trailer that pulls like a dream.So it will go up for sale.any Ideas where I should start????I was thinking of e-bay but then who would drive very far for an old boat?

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    cmon guys ...any ideas????

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    Don't know what the boat would be worth in Cal, but I put a 1985 model Bayliner with seats, floor rotted out and volvo I/O, engine not running on E-bay. I live in Atlanta and the winning bidder paid 800.00 dollars and drove from COLORADO SPRINGS to pick it up!!. If you are looking for top dollar then try ebay. Set the minimum bid at the minimum you will take. Can't hurt to try anyway. That boat sounds like it may be worth 1500 to 1800.00 here. Could get 2500 if the floor and seats were decent.

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    its for sale here glastron

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    Your ad may prove me wrong but from my experience I would say that you will get more money from just the engine, unless you spend some time cleaning the boat up......Most folks buying an eggbeater aren't going to be willing to the time into fixing up an old hull....They want something turnkey. Now if you were selling a Jet or a V-drive then you have a clientel who take enough pride in their rigs to spend the time fixing them right......Just thought I would stir the pot some...

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