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    I have a few questions...
    1. when I turn the air on in the house and leave for a while... and I come back home, I notice a distinct smell in the house... smells like chemicals... maybe like a nail salon place??:idea: I know for a fact it's coming from the AC, because it only smells when its on? any idea what it is? is it majorly unsafe? because we've been sleeping with the air running .
    when I bought the house last year, they claimed it had been replaced in the last 5 years? I'm not sure about the specs of the units, but it has one of those furnace deals in the garage that work with the AC.??
    2. I'm considering having the "air duct cleaning" service done... it says they open, agitate & vacuum the ENTIRE ductwork under negative pressure. are these really effective? or is it just something for them to make some money? they have some speacial right now (with a free deodorizer) for $79? the house was built in 89 and I doubt it's ever been cleaned.
    I'd like to get the smell from the AC figured out ASAP, because I believe it's under home warranty, which is up in the beginig of september.

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    You May Want To Look Into Having The Cooling Coil Cleaned..... :idea:

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    Check for a freon leak. Freon has a strange odor, and is kind of hard to define. The air handler unit and coil in the garage would be where the smell would be coming from. The condensate tray inside the air handler might have a chemical in it to keep the drains open and kill mold. If you have alot of humidity, your unit may be generating enough water to activate the chemical. In any case, in the garage is where you want to start. Another possible source, someone might have put something in the duct work to make it smell nice.

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    well I just booked the vent cleaning thing... other than that, I'm considering calling the homw warranty people to have them come check out the AC smell going on? but I'm afraid they'll send someone out that'll say there's nothing wrong, just so they don't have to pay??

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