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    Hi guys.I have a 1996 Evinrude 225 Vindicator and with a 27 pitch four blade I can reach 72.8 mph on the gps.My mate has a brand new High output Johnson 225 and with virtually the same prop he can hit 80.5 mph.Our hulls are both vee bottoms except my hull is about 400 lbs heavier.Is the weight difference going to rob my boat of that much speed?Please help guys

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    Roddles, there could be large difference in the bottoms of your boats. Second his set up could be better. Third he might have a slightly better prop, as from prop to prop they are different. Also he has a good 20 hp on you with the HO. Lastly he has a more hydrodynamic lower unit on the HO.

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    Neil touched on a bunch of reasons, add to that the 400lbs, there you have it!
    I have heard of some pretty strong running HOs, it's a good motor that can be bought cheap! Brand new for under $9K.
    Have you guys tried switching props?
    lbs or 2 passengers in my boat cost me about 5-7 mph

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    it shouldnt effect it that much try a 3 blade prop bigger diameter less pitch
    emal me with questions

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