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Thread: Water in Lower Unit

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    I did some maintenance on my 140 Johnson Outboard this past weekend and noticed that the gear case lube was a little merky, like it had some water in it. I had just changed the lube about 3 months ago.
    What could be causing this ? Am I doing more damage by running it?

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    Most likely your seals are worn. Change the lube frequently for the rest of the summer and then take it into the shop next spring and have all of your seals replaced. I have a similar problem. Good Luck

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    I agree, bad seals. If you notice a oil slick after you shut down the motor, your leaking to much, Have it fixed now.

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    Could be as easy as a $5 shift shaft seal.

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    i found the same problem this weekend. the seal kit from mercury was $65. 150 hp mag II ob. while you are there install a impellar. this is a good practice. try the "" oem parts minus 20%.

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    Go aand buy a seal kit from your johnson dealer, then pick out the seals you need for the driveshaft and prop shaft, use a large fkat head screwdriver pry out the seal on prop shaft and press the new one in, do the same after removeing you water pump and housing.

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