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    Our 4th annual KnightsLanding getogether is for Sunday Sept 2nd.Come one come all.Haven't made abig deal about it this year cause everybody has been busy.No frills,just fun & friends.PM me for directions.Thanx Casey

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    So uhhh . . . .
    Since my wing is in surgery getting a face lift . . . . . and I need to refi to get some spark plugs . . . . . Will you guys throw rocks at us if we float down from Colusa on 99cent air matresses from the dollar store by the shad pad????
    Really, we will make it up at PCR @ Berryessa, especially if we can get KIKER to wear a wig . . . . :sqeyes: :idea: :eek

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    Kindsvater Flat
    Any beach?

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    Would love to go but I have a b-day party to attend for my grand son brother in law and mother in law, 3 bday party.

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