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Thread: fuel pump question

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    is it ok to use a car mech. fuel pump in a boat with an exposed motor...76 sanger bubbledeck? What is the difference in the marine version.....

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    the pumps are all the same
    use it

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    Marine pumps have an additional diaphragm and a small fitting for a hose that will run up to the flame arrestor. The purpose for this is that if the main diaphragm in the pump fails, the fuel will travel up the hose and into the carb throat, (most likely killing the motor) instead of into the bilge, or filling the crankcase with fuel. Although you will likely never have trouble with an automotive pump, the marine pump is Coast Guard required, and the use of an automotive pump could net you a ticket during an inspection if the officer knows his stuff and wants to be an ass. If could also create an issue if you ever had a fire and filed an insurance claim. Furthermore, there are several shops that wouldn't so much as issue you a repair order, let alone lay a wrench on your machine if it contains "non-marine certified" parts.
    Bottom line, If it were my boat, I'd have no problem with it, but I'd never suggest it to a customer.....

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    ducky.....thanks for answering my questions....I appreciate it...hopefully I'll be able to do something for you some day

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    Just glad I can help. I have learned much of this by making every mistake in the book and most of them came back to bite my ass at some point Anything I can do to help someone else avoid those mistakes makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside....

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