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Thread: Reverse Spam....need a 24P prop

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    Tremor Therapy
    Although I know boats quite well, I must admit I am clueless about props. The one thing I do know is that I dinged the sh*t out of my labbed 24P, and would like to get another so that I have a spare once this one gets back from the shop. My boat is a '99 with a bravo 1 outdrive.....anybody got one for sale, and is there any other info I need to know when getting another prop?

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    Try pushnwood on here...I tried one he was selling but it didn't work so well for me...see if he still has it for sale

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    I have a 25p Mirage...needs a little work but would be a good spare...Cheap

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    i have a 23p mirage in great shape would make a great spare.

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    Give me a call. 1.619.443.1100. I've got plenty to choose from.

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    I have a 24p Bravo 1 with a hi perf hub. Perfect condition. $375.00

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