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Thread: Spam... Parts For Sale

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    If anyone wants this stuff, I need to sell it by the weekend at the latest(yeah I know, rough week to sell parts!) . I was stocking up for my next project, but I need the money instead... All prices are plus shipping, unless I can drop it off on an upcoming trip to Phoenix or SoCal.
    12 qt BBC v-drive oil pan with turbo oil returns, pickup and windage tray $200
    BBC jet block mount ski tow "new" $40
    2 bolt CORE 454, cast crank, small bolt rods, large oval heads $250
    I haven't torn it down, pan is off, no visible broken parts, but reason for removal is unknown, so sold as is.
    Borg-Warner velvet drive, 1:1LH with bell housing and top mount starter $350
    Pics can be sent tomorrow if you call me with an email address at (928) 208-0549
    Paypal is preferred.....

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    BBC jet block mount ski tow "new" $40
    You circle boat river guys should jump on this!

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    I never thought of it that way.... :rollside:

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