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Thread: Need A set of 4 tires for the Trailer.

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    with or without wheels new or used, 5 on 4.5. Thank you

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    American Tire Company just did mine. I I payed a little over 3 bills with a 2 year warranty on the tires. They had the tires mounted in about 15 minutes. Im satisfied.

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    Ive Got a set of 4 mounted on Galvanized Wagon Wheels. Im going be in Laughlin this Weekend Let me know if you want look at them and Ill bring them along Wheels New 06 Tires Fair To Good 250. for 2 sets or All 4

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    i told you before i had some come make me an offer and i live close buy

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    Call my good bud scott up at tucker tire, covina 626-332-1142 tell him Bense or Jeff sent ya. He is on here as feltit but doesn't post much.

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