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Thread: e-bay sniper program

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    i had the program but had to reload my software.
    anyone have it the could e-mail it to me @ thanks

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    I use power snipe. $45 clams a year, works great.

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    Racey, i believe it's the original, been around as long as i've been using ebay. and you don't have to worry about leaving your computer on, it's all handled from their servers. It's free for within 15 seconds from the auction's end, if you want it to steal the auction closer the limit than that you can buy points

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    I have been using for years now

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    There are a bunch that are free. I used to use Bidsage but it hogged a lot of system memory.

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    How do these work? I know they are a last second bid thing, but is that it?

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    I never heard of it. No wonder I lose so many in the last couple of seconds.

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    you register,give up all your ebay info
    you enter the item #
    enter what your maximum bid is
    snipe bids for you in the last seconds as to not get the bidding jacked up
    you don't have to be watching or have the computer on.
    they send you an e-mail telling you if you won or not
    95% of the time that you lost an auction in the last minute, you've been sniped

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