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Thread: " Smack in the mouth" @ Jury duty!

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    Sportin' Wood
    So after many years of dodging Jury duty because I had a business to run, Jury Duty comes along again. I always felt real bad that I could not serve but leaving the inmates in charge was reserved for long weekends at the river not sitting in Jury Duty for a week.
    Well having sold the Business and me being "semi" retired I figured the projects I was working on could miss me for a week. Being the ever boyscout I show up early and get one of the 150 free juror parking spots. I was some what smart and drove the wifes Camaro so I could fit rather then the F350.
    As I pulled to the last spot in the line( The extra wide one at the inside corner) I noticed the Motherly looking woman having a bit of trouble fitting her SUV. She was right on the line in a spot (all spots for that matter) that suited a very small import. No problem I have plenty of room I'll giver her a little more so she can get in and out easy, being a boyscout after all.
    I then made my way to an allready packed juror staging area, where I felt as if I was being ready for shipping. Here we waited and did a little people watching, listening to people's excuse as to why they could not be there and my personal favorite, Taking your screaming child to Jury duty. After about an hour of them telling us the same instructions over and over I eased into my newest Book..... "Collapse" by Jared Diamond. Another hour goes by and they call my name, but I'm not gonna be leaving this purgatory type holding cell, I'm just in a group now. Another hour goes by and they call my name again... Now instead of group 61 I'm in group 33.. OK now what? Lunch break..... For 3 hours! WTF? 3 hours?
    So after reading a couple chapters, walking around down town Riverside( It's really nice)and buying 2 taco's for $7.00 I'm back in the holding cell. Looking at a whole bunch of pissed off people, except the men sitting around the 20 something good looking brunett with the very thin white cotton dress and matching thong underwear. Thank God for thin white dresses!
    A few more chapters on how we are killing the earth, Easter Island, and cannibalism. (plus a few glances at the girl in a see thru dress) They tell us we get another break.... For what?
    Now I now you guys are thinking the girl in the white dress punched me in the mouth? No not yet, wait for it....... Another selection process and they send half the group to another Court house at 2;00 pm and tell them to make a 45 minute drive in 30 minutes. Now here are some really pissed off people.
    1 hour later they tell me and my Group 33 we are free to go and don't need to come back for a year. WTF just happened here? Oh well one day and I'm free, I'll take that and I'm thinking Jury duty aint all that bad, airconditioning, white dresses, and a good book. Where do I sign up for next week?
    So back out to the Juror only free parking where what do I find????
    A fawking parking ticket!
    For parking outside the lines.....$25.00 Damnit! Thanks alot you bastards. I'm going back to throwing the damn sumons in the trash. thats it my one and only time a jury duty. I walked around and took pictures of no less then 5 cars in the same area that where parked over the line with no tickets.. Some so close you can't get in the car door... No ticket... They must have known I enjoyed jury duty and there is a rule somewhere that says you have to hate jury duty!
    BTW why don't they fix Jury duty? What a Joke!

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    Don't worry about it's your wifes car.
    <------Me to slow typing.

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    Sure am glad I have NEVER done jury duty.

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    Where's the pic of the chick in the white dress?:idea:

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    Yeah, hunny. Where's the pic of the chick in the white dress?
    Oh, and if you leave ME with the $25 parking ticket, trust me, it'll cost a lot more than that.

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    Blew By You
    Yeah, hunny. Where's the pic of the chick in the white dress?
    Oh, and if you leave ME with the $25 parking ticket, trust me, it'll cost a lot more than that.
    Post a pic of the girl in the white dress, pay the 25 bucks and its all good. haha

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    I suggested that he just pay it for you.
    Nice try. I saw your post, focker!

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    I suggested that he just pay it for you.
    Me to.

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    You both are going on my "bad kid" list.

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    Oh, and if you leave ME with the $25 parking ticket, trust me, it'll cost a lot more than that.
    HAHA...Ain't that the truth

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