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Thread: Anybody interested in "Big Horsepower" on pump gas

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    They need to rid themselves if their old IBM XT Computer. 10% Buffered in 4 min.

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    Sweet, must be hosted from one of those crazy fast new DUAL channel ISDNs
    :sleeping: still waiting
    I'd like to know some more about that engine, DOHC, funny looking plug configuration for a v-8
    I'm always a little skeptical of HP numbers that float around out there, i wonder what sorta dyno that was on, I'd like to know what kind of numbers it would pull on a real heavy duty dyno like Brummett has, that's the true test....

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    paradigm shift
    Slow connection but you got to wonder when dual overhead cam heads will be resonable for big cubic inch motors.
    Looks pretty familliar otherthan dual spark plugs.

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    Tim Grose has been working on the Eagle for marine use for the last couple of years and is ready to put them on the market. Looks like a cool deal. Anyone looking to step up should call him.

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    I think Kenny Bernstein bought 5 of those Eagles engines back in the late 80's before the NHRA quashed um.
    If I remember right he did some track testing with them before they were banished.

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