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Thread: Q. Any car dealers/executive know about this?

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    I have ordered a Smart fortwo (Smart Car) and should get delivery in early '08. At this time, Penske is supposed to be setting up dealerships across the country. Does anyone know anything about how this is going. I get newsletters from Smart USA, but nothing new. Have any of you heard anything?

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    Thye have and I have drived smart cars in Canada. the gas ones do not give impressive mileage. Most up their are diesel and get about 70 mpg I believe.

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    My neighbor across the street in Havi has one. Haven't met them yet. Our principal who currently owns 9 other dealerships was going to get a Smart Car franchise. That was what I heard about 6 mos ago. Don't know the current status.

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    Always wondered when they would be available in the US. I know they didnt meet our crash standards. Drove in one while was working in Zurich many years ago and was a fun car to be in.

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    Burt ,I was doing some stuff for Sokolow the other day, He had some kind of Smart Car there, he said he was selling them. You should give him a call.

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    Robert, thats great news. What the name of his agency or do you know his business #. And thanks for the hot news! See you soon...

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    Colonial Honda 818-244-8674

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    Check out the used vehicle list, there is about a dozen used ones (2005).
    Link 401ca3f82d4bd3de3

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    There are a few dealers currently selling used ones brought in with a set amount of miles and some of these dealers are saying they are new with only test miles...(bull crap)... I know the car biz so I confronted the salesman on it...he back peddled all the way back to the 1950's....Once he saw I was not going to back down with the questions and confrontation on new vs. far we have 1 dealer in Vegas that has about 20 of them, they are mad though...they want 25-28k for them..I told them the dealer in Van Nuys Calif said they should have them sometime in '08 BRAND NEW not used starting at roughly 12-13k close to bare bones...either way we drove one just to see, they are not bad..40-45 mpg from what we read, the ones in Europe (turbo diesels) are getting up to 65-70 mpg.. would be great for a city grocery getter but I would be hesitant driving that thing at 80 on the hwy across the state...I think I want one just to park it nose in while others have to parallel park...(current law allows them to do so due to width and length of car)

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    spectras only
    Burt , are you going to use this Smart car on the golf course ?:idea:

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