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    hawaiian racer
    what exactly does a bowl stuffer do?

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    Its supposed to take up the room right after the impeller. There is a little cavity directly behind the impeller on the bowl.. It is supposed to help eliminate cavitation in that area. I have heard neither here nor there about them whether they work or not.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    what exactly does a bowl stuffer do?
    Right behind the impeller there is aproximately a 6" bowl. The water coming off the impeller will kurl around into this area and try and turn the bowl like a torque converter,causing turbulance which in turn causes drag on the impeller and killing some engine rpm. This is all in theriory I have no true data. I am sure Dave Jones (Aggressor) or Ron Gordon (American Turbine) can provide that to you. I hope I somewhat answered your question.

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    what exactly does a bowl stuffer do?
    they work, i'd never pull off a bowl without puttin 1 in if it didn't already have a stuffer. when you hammer down, the void behind the impellor will fill with water faster than the bowl will, the stuffer makes the bowl load 1st instead of the area behind the impellor.just gives alittle more bottom end punch more or less. i could tell a "seat o pants" difference when i did both my previous boats

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