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Thread: rub rail install

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    when all installing a rubber rub rail,would all these combos work.
    (1) screwed together
    (2) screwed and rivited
    (3)screwed and rivited
    the rub railis a taco product with a rubber insert to hide the screws or rivits.

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    yes to all the above. I screwed mine in and counter sunk the screws a hair deeper so the rubber didnt stick out where the Screws were. With Rivets I couldnt get it to work as well.

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    I found that over time they loosen up so when I did mine last winter I took all the old track off and then cleaned behind it and used silicon behind the track and riveted it back on.
    With all the twisting and bouncing on the waves those rivets will loosen up:devil:
    Its worked great so far, just a thought

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